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How to avoid a Corona Virus Breakup..

The CDC have advice about how we can defend our bodies, but what’s going to protect the health of our relationships? Soap and water won’t always work.

Divorce figures have spiked. We would be fooling ourselves to think that relationship issues have not also spread across the world. We need to take protecting our partnerships and families as seriously as we take protecting our physical health.

We are all going to be individually stressed and couple stressed but, as the pandemic drags on and now with a modified return to “normal,” relationships will inevitably be strained. As the wine bottles pile up you might find yourself yelling about how loudly your partner breathes!

Remember to take care of your own mental health, spend some intentional time with your partner and avoid placing all your social needs and expectations on one person. You and your relationship may come out even better than before.

Although this may be a period of intense relationship risk, it’s also a period of great relationship opportunity.

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