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Relationship with Food

If you are unfamiliar with the concept, it can seem a little alien to refer to our connection with food as a relationship. Most people don’t even recognise that they have a relationship with food.

Trust me, you do. 

The term ‘relationship’ is defined as: ‘the way in which two or more people or things are connected’. In short, if you fuel your body with nutritious foods and goodness, your body will thank you in return. 

You might not be aware of it but both the food you eat and the way you feel about it can heavily impact how you live. We all know that if you eat something that doesn’t agree with you, it can ruin your day. For example, ever indulged in a heavy piece of chocolate cake and felt ten times worse after. I am a firm believer in mindful eating and breaking this vicious circle that, one time or another, we have all been susceptible to. The importance of matching diet to the individual cannot, in my opinion, be overstated. 

Something else that many do not realise is that our relationship with food is central to our well-being. It encompasses so many aspects of life including mood, stress and self-worth. It can provide an easy and successful formula to prevent commonplace conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiac related issues as well as many others. 

In a society governed by social media diet hacks, constantly in your face advertising, cooking shows and marketing food ploys, it is easy to over consume and then overstepping safe boundaries in a bid to get fit quick. I will help put an end to the fads by focussing on building and strengthening your relationship with food, a bespoke choice tailored to you. Your relationship with food will work in tandem with your relationships with people. Harmony and balance in one will provide harmony and balance in the other. Take it from me - your body, your mind, and all those close to you, new and old, will thank you for it.

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