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Relationships, like people, change over time - reshaping, adjusting and sometimes straining as we grow. 

Perhaps your relationship is going through a rough patch - you and your partner are arguing, or you can’t find that ‘spark’ you once had. Maybe you feel stuck in a relationship that is not good enough to fight for but not bad enough to leave? I help individuals and couples to improve their relationships by facilitating change.
Together we can work to repair or strengthen both you and your relationship to help create a safe and accepting connection to one another. To develop this safe space, couples must learn to validate their partner's unique experience without invalidating their own. 

By deconstructing ineffective ways of communicating, couples can learn to effectively communicate their needs and also respond to their partner's needs with love and compassion.  

Filling in a questionnaire, moving on when things don't suit you, or looking for answers on social media / online are not solutions. They are the tools of the loneliness birds. Finding a balance between all the things in your life to fit you and those around you is a process that can take time but it's worth it. Happiness is amazing. Step one is admitting there is a problem. You are doing that now. Bravo. Step two let's talk about it. 




Counselling as a couple gives you both a chance to explore your relationship in a neutral space. Here, you can look at the present situation, think about what you’d like to change, and begin to move forward.



.. Sometimes it’s helpful to explore things independently of your partner. There’s nothing wrong with taking a step back and looking at things as an individual. I provide a non-judgmental, practical and positive space to do this. 



..Whether it’s for help finding a new partner, exploring why previous partnerships haven’t worked or discussing ways to tackle the maze of building new relationships, I can offer a candid, objective and experienced take to help make the journey smooth as possible. 

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