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The Couple Who Diets Together: How Your Partner Influences Your Weight Loss...

Chances are you regularly factor your partner into many of your typical daily activities when you are in a relationship. The two of you have likely fallen into some lifestyle patterns together, for better or worse. One pattern likely focuses on choices around food consumption, mealtimes, snacking, physical activity level, and other lifestyle behaviors impacting weight.

What happens when one partner in a relationship wants to change something in him or herself that could potentially disrupt established relationship patterns? For example, let’s say one partner decides to make changes in an effort to lose weight. How might one partner’s dietary changes affect related lifestyle behaviors in the other partner?

When one person changes their behavior, the people around them also change. This provides food for thought when considering your own decisions and behaviors. What will you choose to do for dinner tonight? When you make positive lifestyle changes, you are likely to influence your partner on these behaviors as well.

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