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Irish Times Feature About The Role of Dads Imposed By The Pandemic..

'I feel like I am being their dad rather than just a parent after work or at the weekend...’

Life changes imposed by the pandemic have altered the role of fathers, and in many cases for the better...

... Gender equality

“The wall of tradition is coming to an end,” says relationship consultant, Maireád Molloy. “Millennials have cemented and taken on the mantle of gender equality. What I see from my clients is that fathers in general are more involved in their children’s lives more than ever before and now with the pandemic even more so – and they like it. But women still carry out more of the responsibilities at home. I see that women do more housework than men even if they earn more money than their husband. The scales of society rules are still tipped in man’s favour, but equality is in the pipeline.”


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