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A Better You#1

Becoming Aware of Your Internal Dialogue

Before you can manage your internal dialogue, you first need to become more aware of it.

Some of us are very aware of our internal dialogue, as a constant presence in the brain, or even an ongoing conversation. Others are much less so, and may find it harder to tune in. One way to become aware of it is to try doing some meditation, because this helps you to concentrate on your thoughts.

Another technique is to consciously think ‘I wonder what my next thought will be’. Whether this disrupts your internal dialogue, or just distracts your brain, it seems to give some space for the brain to become aware of what it happening.

What you are chiefly trying to become aware of is the types of thoughts you tend towards, including:

  • Where your internal dialogue goes if you let it wander. This can give you a good idea of what is bothering you at any given time.

  • Whether you tend to think positively or negatively.

  • Your dominant time orientation (past, present, or future).

  • Your motivation - whether you tend to think about wanting more good things, or fewer bad ones, or whether you spend time trying to understand how things relate to each other...

👉Next Blog is how to change your internal dialogue.

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