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The Happy Pear..

I am delighted to recommend Dave & Steve from the Happy Pear in Wicklow Ireland. They had been travelling the world and as twin power goes, on opposite sides of the world they switched to a plant based diet within a week of each other. The Happy Pear seed was sown.

Fast forward 15 years and they have 4 cafes, a farm, a product range, a roastery, 6 online courses, 4 cookbooks, 120 amazing employees and a community of over 1 million people eating more veg!

Their philosophy is - all about a healthier, happier world. We absolutely love rising early and heading to beach to catch the sunrise. We appreciate every day and really believe that the key to happiness is good health and a great support network. We love nothing more than inviting over the troops and cooking up a storm!

Check out their newest book The Happy Pear: Vegan Cooking for Everyone. They have developed an encyclopaedic knowledge of how it works and how to make vegan food simple, creative and totally irresistible. To get your hands on a copy go to -

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