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A Drop in the Ocean..

A drop in your ocean.

While we wait for total distillation technology the percentage of us who drink recycled water is increasingly on the up.  Recycled water won’t kill us but it’s far from ideal, and not just because it tastes iffy. To avoid drinking it, some of us buy filters while others buy bottles of the stuff. If you pay for bottles, then why not make it work better for you...  Avoid carbonated water - it’s fizzy because it is full of nasty sodium. Sodium doesn’t help quench thirst properly and can also make you bloated. There is little to differentiate it from any other low sugar fizzy drink. Fruit water has false sugar in it. This is both addictive, makes you eat more and is potentially bad for your intestines. The simple fact is that only distilled water has no pollutants. For best results drink it at room temperature. Why settle for less? It’s the only body you have and, after all, what is your ocean if not a multitude of drops? 

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